Funds Management

You Can Now Get Access to Our Forex Funds Management Service

Flexibility, personal attention and risk management are three key reasons why so many people choose our Forex funds management service. In addition to the self-directed opportunities available at Synergy FX, you also get access to our managed forex funds and other strategies.

One of the main reasons many investors stop trading the Forex markets is due to a lack of time. You already know the risk management strategies, the exit methods and a handful of entry techniques, but it takes up your precious time.

The Synergy Forex Funds Management service removes the time burden and allows you to access the high yield potential of the FX markets without having to trade yourself.

A funds management service is perfect for you if:

  • You don’t have enough time to execute your strategies in the market
  • You find it too time consuming to develop a positive expectancy trading system
  • You understand the opportunities available but are busy with work and family
  • You lack the knowledge needed to generate a consistently rising equity curve
  • You find the news flow across the Forex markets overwhelming
  • You have traded Forex before but have not had the success you thought you would

Security of your funds

Firstly, you must understand that you always have complete access to your funds. Only you can add to or withdraw your funds.

Your funds are held with a top tier Australian bank. Our portfolio manager only has trading access to your account, allowing them to place orders on your behalf.

Our Funds Management Team

Synergy FX Funds Management team is comprised of experienced professionals who live and breathe the markets every single day.

Our team pulls on their extensive market experience as Inter-bank desk Traders, Risk Managers and Market Analysts to identify and execute a range of systems which have a statistical edge in the markets.

Our investment team has developed a range of highly innovative Forex trading strategies aimed at producing superior returns with minimal downside risk.

We are fully qualified and regulated by ASIC to manage clients’ assets efficiently and professionally.

Our Investment approach

Our portfolio managers have access to hundreds of back-tested investment strategies and will only deploy the most robust of these based on current market conditions.

We treat your investment funds like we do ours, using a combination of risk management strategies, fundamental and technical analysis with a focus on producing a predictable equity curve.

Actively managed versus passively managed

One of the key differences you will notice among Funds management services in Australia is most are passively managed.

This means they are either buying the index itself or the top stocks which comprise the index.

At Synergy, we run an active global fund management service.

In addition to trading the Forex markets, we are constantly developing and executing our strategies across the commodities, global equity indices, and cryptocurrency crosses.

Not only are our funds actively managed but we are highly diversified across the major asset classes.

While your stock portfolio could be going sideways, it is possible our managed funds are outperforming.

Your dedicated asset manager

From the initial call all the way through to the daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of your account, you will have access to a dedicated account manager.

If you are new to investing in a Forex Funds Management service, then you likely have a number of questions. We are here to help.

For the more experienced Forex trader, who is familiar with the professionalism required to run a managed account, you will always have a knowledgeable account manager you can discuss your thoughts with.

Our initial focus is to get to know your objectives, your goals and your risk appetite. As one of Australia’s leading Forex firms, our goal is to provide the best managed investment fund to help you meet your financial goals.

What makes our investing approach stand out from the crowd?

The benefits of our Funds Management service include:

  • Profits are sought in both rising and falling markets
  • Strict risk management strategies in place
  • Consistent, proven track record
  • Fully regulated in Australia
  • Real-time transparency – You can monitor your open trades live
  • Security of funds with only withdrawals and deposits made by you
  • Your funds are held in your name

If you are looking for alternative investment vehicles instead of the standard equities fund, real estate fund, hedge funds, mutual fund, absolute return fund or plain property trusts, then give us a call today to discuss your investment options.

Register your interest by completing the form opposite and our 24/7 support personnel, will contact you to discuss the investment strategies available.