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Thanks to Steve Jobs, traders all around the world can now access live streaming charts and trade dozens of global markets via the MT4 iPhone App.

No matter if you are looking to trade  the Forex Majors, Index CFDs, Precious Metals, Commodity CFDs or Cryptocurrency CFDs, the Metatrader 4 for iPhone App is a must have for all traders on the go.

As a trader, you want access to all types of charts for technical analysis, ease of placing orders (profit and stop loss orders) and the ability to review your trading history. The MT4 iPhone App has all of that and is available for both the iPhone and iPad. Start trading forex and the global markets today direct from your iPhone mobile today.


  • You get access to the key technical analysis tools needed to identify your entries and exits

  • One click trading allows you to trade fast moving markets

  • You can view your Expert Advisors running with full access to open positions.

  • With Mobile trading via your iPhone, you can trade anywhere you like

  • Trading execution via the mobile trading platform with Synergy FX data feeds is fast and our spreads are ultra-tight

  • Access your full trading history and advanced statistics

  • You get access to the full suite of trading orders direct on your mobile phone

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MT4 Download for iPhone

The Synergy FX Metatrader 4 for iPhone platform is designed to give you the edge in today’s busy trading environment. You can:

  • Customise the dynamic MT4 dashboard on your phone so it’s perfect for your specific trading requirements.
  • Watch your Expert Advisors taking positions from your trading system.
  • Access comprehensive charting functionality directly via your mobile phone
  • Benefit from our 128-bit encryption means you can trade with complete confidence – wherever you are, whichever device you’re using.

Benefit from the vast range of features including advanced charting and one-click execution. Gain access to technical analysis tools, fundamental analysis and the economic calendar to ensure a seamless trading experience from your iPhone.

Features of the Metatrader 4 iPhone App include:

  • Manage all your orders, open positions, equity and exposure on your phone

  • Live monitor for prices across all financial instruments

  • Interactive charting and indicators to run your market analysis

  • Online streaming company news and forex calendar

  • Access your full trading history

Download the MT4 platform for iPhone OS today

You can open a live demo account or get started straight away with a live trading account. We have a range of MT4 account types including standard accounts, pro accounts with ECN feeds and corporate accounts. If you already have an existing account, then head straight to the iTunes store on your phone.

To download Synergy FX iPhone MT4 version visit the iTunes store here or go to the iTunes store and search for ‘Meta Trader 4 Meta Quotes Software’ from the search results. Once you download the MT4 App, select SFM-live or SFM-demo. You can access our mobile MT4 trading App via your smartphone or tablet.

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You can access the Windows, MAC and Android versions by visiting the respective App Store and via the links below. We have all mobile devices covered.

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